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2023-2024 OCA Leadership

The governance board of OCA comprises of the President, President-Elect, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a voting representative from each Chapter and Division. The position of President is the only elected position on the board, and elections for President are held every year. The position of Secretary and Treasurer are appointed. Each Chapter and Division of OCA has one appointed voting representative. The governing board meets quarterly to discuss the operations and goals of OCA.

Executive Board

President: Sherdene Simpson

President-Elect: Michael Lewis

Past-President: Staci Tessmer

Treasurer: Alma Moore

Secretary: Kelsey Jager

Support Team

Executive Director: Amy Barcelo

Conference Planner: Dwight Loken
Lobbyists: Amanda Sines & Erin Glossop

Chapter Presidents

Central Ohio (COCA): Jeff Pharion

East Ohio (EOCA): Michael Desposito

Greater Cincinnati (GCCA): Jim Hightower

Miami Valley (MVCA): Padmini Narahari

North Central (NCOCA): Chase Morgan-Swaney

Northwest (NWOCA): Joni Hill

South East (SEOCA): Laci Carsey

Division Presidents

ACAC Ohio: Lindsay Heckman

OACES: Tamarine Foreman

OAMCD: Carmella Hill
OARTC: Jenny Cureton
OASERVIC: Dominique Burns
OASGW: Amanda Cole
OCCA: Stephanie Maccombs-Hunter
OCDA: Christine Yancey
OCSJ: Shanice Lockhart
OMHCA: Adrianne Johnson, Kenna White
OSUDP: Martina Moore
SAIGEO: Sarah Hatch

Committee Chairs & Liaisons

Awards Chair: Carmella Hill

Chapter & Division Mentor: Staci Tessmer

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Cultural Dignity Chair: Patrice Callery
Ethics Liaison: Martina Moore
Finance Committee: Alma Moore, Sherdene Simpson, Staci Tessmer & Amy Barcelo
Government Relations Co-Chairs: Stephanie Drcar & Sean Gorby
Graduate Student Co-Chairs: Nora Flanagan & Alexandria Argenti-Gibb
Insurance Advocacy Chair: Derek Lee
Journal of Counselor Practice Editor: Varunee Faii Sangganjanavanich
Leadership Development Chair: Laura Lewis
Media, Public Relations & Membership Chair: Chase Morgan-Swaney
Nominations & Elections Chair: Staci Tessmer
OCSWMFT Board Liaison: Michael Lewis
Parliamentarian/Bylaws Chair: Tamarine Foreman
Political Action Committee Chair: Yue Dang

Professional Development Chair: Terra Howell-Muth

Questions and comments can be directed to Amy Barcelo, Executive Director at: PO Box 470001 | Broadview Heights, OH 44147 | 216.438.1994

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