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Ohio Counseling Association


2023-2024 OCA Leadership

July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024

Executive Board

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  • President: Sherdene Simpson
  • President-Elect: Mike Lewis
  • Past-President: Staci Tessmer
  • Treasurer: Alma Moore
  • Secretary: Kelsey Jager

Chapter Presidents

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  • Central Ohio (COCA): Jeff Pharion
  • East Ohio (EOCA): Michael Desposito
  • Greater Cincinnati (GCCA): Jim Hightower
  • Miami Valley (MVCA): Padmini Narahari
  • North Central (NCOCA): Chase Morgan-Swaney
  • Northwest (NWOCA): Joni Hill
  • South East (SEOCA): Laci Carsey

Division Presidents

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  • ACAC Ohio: Lindsay Heckman
  • OACES: Tamarine Foreman
  • OAMCD: Carmella Hill
  • OARTC: Jenny Cureton
  • OASERVIC: Dominique Burns
  • OASGW: Amanda Cole
  • OCCA: Stephanie Maccombs-Hunter
  • OCDA: Christine Yancey
  • OCSJ: Shanice Lockhart
  • OMHCA: Rachel White
  • OSUDP: Vicki Giegerich
  • SAIGEO: Sarah Hatch

Committee Chairs & Liaisons

Related: Chapters, Divisions, and Committees

  • Awards Committee: Carmella Hill
  • Chapter & Division Mentor: Staci Tessmer
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Cultural Dignity Committee: Patrice Callery
  • Ethics Liaison: Martina Moore
  • Finance Committee: Alma Moore, Sherdene Simpson, Staci Tessmer, Amy Barcelo
  • Government Relations Committee: Sean Gorby
  • Graduate Student Committee: Alexandria Argenti-Gibb, Nora Flanagan (Co-Chairs)
  • Insurance Advocacy Committee: Derek Lee
  • Journal of Counselor Practice: Varunee Faii Sangganjanavanich
  • Leadership Development Committee: Laura Lewis
  • Media, Public Relations & Membership Committee: Chase Morgan-Swaney
  • Nominations and Elections: Staci Tessmer
  • OCSWMFT Board Liaison: Mike Lewis
  • Parliamentarian / Bylaws: Tamarine Foreman
  • Political Action Committee: Yue Dang
  • Professional Development Committee: Terra Howell-Muth

Support Team

  • Executive Director: Amy Barcelo
  • Conference Planner: Dwight Loken
  • Lobbyists: Amanda Sines, Julia Wynn

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