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Leadership Certificate Program

Visit HERE to register for Fall Series 2024 (August - October)!

Registration deadline: Monday, August 19, 2024

*Required in person live Zoom sessions:

Module 1 (Saturday, August 24, 9-10am) & Module 10 (Saturday, October 19, 9-10am)

The OCA Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) is an 8-week experience that is a FREE membership benefit opportunity for any graduate student, new professional, or seasoned professional discerning a possible future leadership role or who may already be serving in a position. LCP equips leaders with the most important tools and information they need to successfully hold a leadership position in OCA. Participants learn how to strengthen the effectiveness of a division/chapter/committee by applying best practices in successive leadership and through succession planning. They meet and network with their fellow participant leaders and receive mentorship and guidance for getting involved and helping to move the work of OCA forward. 

Except for two 1 hour required in person Zoom gatherings, LCP allows participants to move through the program at their own pace through a series of pre-recorded learning modules. Modules are taught by past and present OCA leaders who share their experiences and insights related to some of the most significant aspects of being a leader in our association. All in person and recorded modules must be completed within the same series for which the participant is registered. 

The total time commitment is approximately seven hours and participants receive a certificate of completion and recognition at the All Ohio Counselor’s Conference. Topics include:

Reflections from a past president/current presidential vision

OCA history and governance

Membership growth

Servant leadership


Legislative advocacy

Recruiting for diversity and inclusion

The CE approval process

Marketing and social media strategies

Participant OCA membership must be up to date to register. Event registration can be found at OCA LCP.

Fall Series (August through October)

Winter Series (January through March)

Summer Series (May through July)

Questions? Contact Laura Lewis, OCA Leadership Committee Chair


      Winter 2024

      Colleen Brown * Monica Brown * Kaitlyn Bruns * Jasmine Chappell * Aireal Clinton * Sharisse Edwards * Stephanie Ferraro * Tawni Klupp * Kaleigh Mahon * Sydney Parrish * Amber Thomas * Dusty Timmons * Logan Wilder-Ingram

      Fall 2023

       Olivia Adams * Michael Bock * Thomas Boggs * Madison Blyer * Rachael DuBose * Giorgio Ferrario * Lisa Huelskamp * Diane Troyer * Bry Miller * Rebecca Miller * Molly Perkins * Tanesha Rorie * Sara Steinle * Deborah Wallace-Wood * Sam Windler

      Summer 2023

      Patrice Callery * Jenny Cureton * Garrett Forlow * Michael Lewis * Ashley Loucek * Anniesha Lyngdoh * Barbara Makumbi * Ethan Miller * Elizabeth Nekloff * Brandon Pettry * Kara Ross * Caitlin Sandage * Stephanie Stevens * Sakunthala Thechinamoorthy * Keith Vukasinovich

      Winter 2023

      Courtney T.K. Chester * Sandy Deas Natese Dockery Aysegul Ercevik Rita Gastaldo Payton Gilliland Kelsey Jager Rachel Johnson Joon Yub (Yub) Kim Andrew Kirsop Liz McClure Rumbidzai Mushunje Mary Oyster Michael Scoville Laurie Sharp-Page Sherdene Simpson Darletta Turner Dawn Whiteside Jeff Wong Christine Yancey

      Fall 2022

      Laci Carsey * Helen Green-Esterly * Sally Hackett * Lindsay Heckman * Jocee Janicki * Kalesha Jenkins * Rebecca Smith * Nina Talley * Staci Tessmer

      Summer 2022

      Kailey Bradley * Don Allensworth-Davies * Rosie Bauder * Kubra Civan * Amanda Cole * Mason Coyle * Christin Fontes * Caroline Griffith * Janet Kempf * Stephanie Konesky * Claire McMahon * Kali McQueen * Michelle Norris * Nicholas Smith * Stacy Studer * Natalie Thornberry * Celena Tunila * David Wamsley

      Winter 2022 

      Kathleen Bylewski * Kylena France * Amanda Shuluga * Tara Hill * Hope Hornish * Shazia Naurin * Courtney Montanye * Leah Wood * Anne Lange * Lauren Baker * Kathy Caputo * Christine McCrone * Marie Walker * Christina Scott * Erica D Ogletre * Angel Lacey * Jason Decker * Carrie George * Kristin Curran * Mykka Gabriel * Richa Bhatia * Mandy Reber

      Questions and comments can be directed to Amy Barcelo, Executive Director at: PO Box 470001 | Broadview Heights, OH 44147 | 216.438.1994

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