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From the President

From the President's Desk

Ohio Counseling Association members, it’s been an exciting week and I want to share it with you!

First, we are eagerly looking ahead to AOCC 2018 and we believe this will be a significantly influential event for clinicians in Ohio! Our members submitted hundreds of proposals and we are confident that the selected conference sessions will be fully representative of counseling practice issues trending in our state and across the nation. Proposal notifications are being sent out soon and we have assembled a dedicated task force to help us implement additional conference planning details which will positively influence your professional practice for years to come!

Next, OCA and OSCA are collaborating with MHAC (the Mental Health Advocacy Coalition) to develop a framework to address the growing need for school counseling and school-based clinical practice in Ohio. We are discussing related budgetary concerns and funding opportunities; a laborious but significantly rewarding process for our counselors. I can’t wait to see how our partnership develops as we continue to shape our legislative advocacy efforts!

Lastly, OCA is a long-standing member of the Coalition for Healthy Communities, a membership of represented mental health stakeholders throughout Ohio whose mission is to advocate for quality mental health and substance abuse services. This group is undertaking the critical task of reviewing, assessing, and evaluating the results of surveys sent to providers and consumers of mental health & substance abuse services in Ohio to identify gaps in those services. Thank you to our members who participated in the survey effort. I’m so proud to represent our Association in this important process!

Thank you for all you do!

President's Welcome

Greetings Ohio Counseling Association members!

I've been serving as your president for only a week and I'm already so humbled by your passion and inspired by your desire to advocate for social justice. 

Last week, many of us celebrated Independence Day with friends and family. Many of those we serve did the same, while many others anxiously struggled to hide their identity from vicious attacks on their right to embrace their independence from judgement and hate in Ohio. HB658, known as the “Parent’s Rights Act”, jeopardizes trans-related medical care and education for Ohio youth. This issue has made national news and other ACA branches are watching us take a stand against this recent legislative action. Many of you have conveyed your concerns to our lobbyist and most have asked what OCA is doing in this matter. Be assured that our executive team and division leaders are working tirelessly to represent our ethical values at every level of this issue. We are collaborating with allied professions to make a unified public stand against this bill, and OCA will continue to do everything possible to represent our proud organization in our communities. We are stronger together and we will continue to stand strong for our profession and for our clients.

Thank you for all you do for those we serve. I’m looking forward to embracing this challenge with you, and I’m excited for the opportunities and successes we will share during the coming year!

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