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No One is an Island: Relationship Dynamics and Food/Feelings Acceptance or Rejection (no NBCC credit)

  • 01 Dec 2017
  • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • EHOVE Adult Career Center - Milan


3 CEU’s—Counselors and Social Workers (provider #040502) $60.00

A patient’s unique family and social relationship dynamics can have a major impact on their lives and their overall mental and emotional health. Early experiences with food and eating and ongoing experiences with food into adulthood within our social environment can mirror many of the emotional and relational conflicts that we experience from childhood into adulthood. In this session we will explore how a patient’s family and social environment and experiences may affect their sense of self and their ability to form healthy relationship bonds with regards to their eating and socialization. We will also learn and practice drawing out a patient’s individualized feelings and needs using the food/feelings journal intervention. Further, we will discuss how the use of modern technology and social media affect a client’s self-esteem and relationship with food. And finally, we will delve into our own relationship with food issues as therapists, recognizing that the more that we are able to address our own issues the more effective and therapeutic we will be able to be with our clients.

Objectives: Participants will be able to:

 Identify family dynamics and social environment as they factor into a patient’s relationship with food issues

 Learn and practice the use of a food/feelings journal as an intervention tool for patients

 Identify co-occurring mental health symptoms and/or disorders that surface for patients with relationship with food issues

 Explore and gain insight into their own relationship with food issues and how they may be impacted by patients as treating professionals

 Recognize how the use of modern technology and social media affect self-esteem and relationship with food issues

Presented by: Christine Saladin, PCC-S

Christine ("Chris") Saladin, PCC-S has been working as a mental health therapist working in Huron and Lorain Counties over the past 25 years. She is currently an associate in private practice at Psych and Psych Services in Elyria, Ohio , conducting therapy with pre-teens and adolescents and their families, individual adults, and couples. While working at Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services of Huron County in the past, Ms. Saladin received specialized training in Eating Disorder Assessment and treatment and she has continued to work with non-acute patients with eating disorders in outpatient treatment while working at Psych and Psych. More commonly Ms. Saladin has worked with patients with alternative primary diagnoses (such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma histories, and/or adjustment issues) who present with symptoms of distorted or dysfunctional relationships with food that impact their lives and their functioning. With a background in Marital and Family Therapy, Ms. Saladin seeks to address relationship with food issues within the context of relationship dynamics as well as an individual's overall mental health.

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