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Event Details

OCDA Annual Conference

  • 19 May 2017
  • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center on OSU Campus

Ohio Career Development Association Conference

Registration Preferred Deadline May 3rd

Our biggest event of the year is almost here! We sincerely hope that each and every one of you can join us for our Ohio Career Development Association Conference on May 19th, 2017.  

The preferred registration deadline is May 3rd! We are offering you a wealth of fantastic speakers with multiple breakout sessions. Each presentation is going to be very hands on and activity driven. Please see more details about the conference and register on our website here: http://ocdaonline.org/annual-conference/.


As promised, we have completed a raffle for all registrants who completed their OCDA registration before April 20th! Congratulations to Maxine Skuba and Natalie Fike for winning FREE admission to our 2018 conference.

Benefits of attending the 2017 OCDA Conference:

  • 6 terrific professional development presentations
  • 5 hours of CEUs
  • Professional Photograph Head-Shots
  • Exceptional opportunity to network with like-minded career services individuals
  • Numerous raffle prizes for assessment codes & career books
  • A scrumptious breakfast, lunch & and an afternoon snack!
  • Opportunities to take on Leadership Roles at OCDA
  • Gain skills & knowledge in the following areas
    • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
    • Career Coaching Techniques
    • Alumni Engagement & Relationship Building
    • Creative Career Exploration Strategies
    • Integrating Technology Resources with Career Counseling
    • How to Challenge Negative Metacognitions
    • Creating Individualized Learning Plans for Students

We hope that you can join us for this exciting annual professional development event in Buckeye country! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email President Elect – Leigh Mascolino at Mascolino.7@osu.edu.

Presentation Descriptions:


Past President, National Career Development Association

Associate Professor of Psychology & Counseling Services at Florida State University    

“The Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) Theory in Action”

An essential component of fostering a patients’ career development is an examination of mental health and personal well-being. This activity-focused and collaborative session will encourage counselors to examine and address negative metacognitions when helping clients make career decisions. Counselors will learn about the Cognitive Information Processing Theory and how to implement it using the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), Design Space Worksheet (DSW) and the Cognitive Thoughts Inventory (CTI).

Breakout Session #101: Dr. Sunny Lurie, PhD

Founder and CEO of Fast Focus Careers and the Author of “Jolt Your Career from Here to There” 

“Getting Unstuck: Breakthrough Strategies to Help Your Clients Find a Meaningful Career”

A thriving career is what most of us strive to achieve. However, many people are unsure about how to achieve fulfillment. Career plans may change along the way either by decision or collision – with a merger, downsizing, dead end or burnout. For clients who feel stuck about how to find the “right” path, you will learn techniques to help them breakthrough to a meaningful career. This will be an interactive session so come prepared to discuss new ideas to help clients take charge of their career and get excited about their work.

Breakout Session #102: Marilyn Rice

Director of the Ohio State University Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management

“Engaging with Alumni and Facilitating Meaningful Student/Alumni Relationships”

If you are a career professional working at a University/institution, the concept of alumni engagement is an important consideration. In this session, participants will learn about strategies for connecting students with alumni and how to implement programming with alumni. The goal will be to address the participants’ questions, showcase how to use AlumniFire/LinkedIn and to illustrate specific strategies, so that participants can facilitate meaningful student-to-alumni relationships programs, and tools to facilitate networking and mentoring between students and alumni and young alumni to seasoned alumni.

Breakout Session #201: Tracy Austin, MBA

Corporate Coach, Training & Organizational Leadership Professional

“Career Coaching: Setting Goals for Success”

How can you help your patients with their “gremlins” (cognitive distortions), work/life balance, and career goals? In this session participants will learn about the GROW model to ask powerful, clarifying questions, what it means to be a Career Coach, and how to incorporate SMART goals and the Work/Life Balance Wheel. Participants will participate in role-play exercises to practice their career coaching abilities and they will leave with 10 Powerful Questions and useful resources. Specifically, participants will learn how to keep patients accountable, understand and explore areas of self-doubt, and integrate work/life balance exercises.

Breakout Session #202: Dr. Jeff King, Ph.D.

Director of the OSU Leadership Center and Associate Professor at The Ohio State University

“Emotional Intelligence: Strengthening Your Leadership Capacity to Work with Others”

Emotional intelligence addresses the emotional, personal, social and survival dimensions of intelligence, which are often more important for daily functioning than the more traditional IQ.  Emotional intelligence (EQ) is concerned with understanding oneself and others, relating to people, and adapting to the immediate surrounds to be more successful.  EQ helps to predict success because it reflects how a person applies knowledge to the immediate situation. In order for participants to learn how to help patients, they will be taken through the assessment theories and activities to hone their own leadership and emotional intelligence. 

Breakout Session #301: Dr. Deb Osborn, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Psychology & Counseling Services at Florida State University

“Linking Online Resources to Innovative Career Counseling Approaches” 

The techniques and activities to be discussed requires a knowledge and skill-base of counseling, career information resources, assessments, mental health issues, and an ever-changing landscape of employment-related tools. For participants interested to become more technologically savvy, this session will provide insights into social media and how to enhance an effective online presence. Additionally, there will be a discussion of technologies that can be used in career services to address career exploration, mental health, professional development, and ethics. Learn about today’s hottest technologies and demonstrate how these tools can interface with components and processes associated with career theories. 

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