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President's Welcome Message

Greetings and welcome from your Ohio Counseling Association (OCA) President for 2017-18.

I am humbled by the confidence and trust that the membership of OCA has placed in me to provide the stewardship for the largest association of counselors in Ohio.  I am appreciative of my predecessors— Martha Flemming and Kara Kaelber—and the OCA Executive Board who have laid a firm foundation on which I set my goals to serve you during my term as President.  I also take this opportunity to introduce  Dr. Adrianne Johnson, the President Elect for 2018-19.

My goals for the 2017-18 year are as follows:

     1.      First, I will build on the gains made by OCA in the area of  leadership and advocacy.  The recent national awards bestowed upon OCA by the American Counseling Association (ACA) speaks volumes regarding the roles that the OCA Executive Board and the membership have played.  In addition, the mobilization of grassroots advocacy and leadership was instrumental in preventing the consolidation of various state licensing  boards as was proposed in HB 49.  This is illustrative of the dynamic leadership and advocacy efforts by the OCA Executive Board, its lobbyists and the membership in keeping the CSWMFT Board intact and hence protecting counselor identity. 

     2.      Secondly, I will focus on strengthening the profession, i.e. explore with the OCA Executive Board, Chapter Presidents, Division Leaders, and mental health practitioners strategies that will enhance and build on the historical progress made by OCA.


     3.      Third, I will be intentional in attending to the  professional challenges the 21st century counselor faces and the needs of  the contemporary consumer of mental health services. To this end I will collaborate with stakeholders within the American Counseling Association and state associations to advance our roles as counseling professionals so that we remain competitive in the mental health field and effective 

     4.      Fourth, I will focus  on increasing student, counselor educator, and practitioner membership in OCA. A pipleline for future leaders and executive officers will be created by developing  a mentoring program targeting students, educators, and practitioners in the field to take on leadership roles on the OCA Executive Board, in its Divisions, and in the Chapters. 

      Finally, I will explore strategies to encourage practitioners in schools and mental health agencies to partner with counselor educators to become producers of counseling knowledge through collaborative publications in the peer reviewed OCA journal and other avenues for disseminating information .

I have been associated with OCA since 1995.  I began my professional service role with OCA and ACA in 2005 and have since honed my skills at the state, national and international levels.  I believe I am ready to take on this important role as your President. 

If you are already a member I take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to OCA and your commitment to those that you serve.  If you are not a member, I encourage you to seriously consider becoming part of the prestigious OCA family.  If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any member of the OCA Executive team.


Yegan Pillay, Ph.D., P.C.C.-S | President| Ohio Counseling Association |740-590-3794 |pillay@ohio.edu


Questions or problems with the OCA website can be sent to Bob Thomas, Executive Director at:

OCAExec@gmail.com / 3227 Mountview Road / Columbus OH 43221 / 614.395.3341


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