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Why Join OCA?

OCA offers a variety of benefits to both the individual counselor and the counseling profession as a whole.  These benefits include:
  • Access to a comprehensive website that provides a wealth of information.
  • Reduced cost to professional development such as the All Ohio Counselors Conference, workshops and other sponsored programs.
  • Receipt of Continuing Education Units for counselor license and certificate renewal.
  • Ability to pose questions, comments and concerns to the OCA Executive Council.
  • Participation in the OCA listserv, which keeps members to connect with each other by asking questions and sharing information.
  • Increased professional identity through participation with state divisions/chapters and national associations.
  • Receipt of quarterly newsletter, Guidelines.
  • Legislative advocacy support to promote professional counseling and the rights of counselors to provide public service.
  • Liaison support to the Ohio Counselor and Social Worker board, Ohio Department of Education and other professional boards.
  • Recognition of accomplishments of members through the annual awards program.

Questions or problems with the OCA website can be sent to Bob Thomas, Executive Director at:

OCAExec@gmail.com / 3227 Mountview Road / Columbus OH 43221 / 614.395.3341


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